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Go for the (Yellow) Gold

greek-key-hoopsIn the world of style, all gold is not created equal. Though any type of gold jewelry is  fabulous, gold’s three colors are in constant competition to be the hottest pick for the season. White gold was the color of choice for years, but rose and yellow gold rallied and made a strong comeback over the past few seasons. Yellow gold in particular, which had nearly fallen out of fashion with trendsetters, is poised to regain its former reign as the most popular type of gold. The past year has seen a resurgence in trend-forward yellow gold jewelry, and gorgeous pieces have been spotted on catwalks, celebrities and style hounds across the globe.

The Virtues of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is the original gold and has been valued, sought-after and proudly worn since prehistoric times. Rulers and aristocracy of civilizations throughout history have used gold to craft jewelry. Gold was so valuable that it was eventually used for coinage and became a regularly traded commodity in return for other goods. Wearing yellow gold jewelry carries an certain significance; it’s rather like a nod to the history and value of a precious metal that has spanned the centuries. Though white and rose gold can be equally lovely, they just can’t match the popularity and rich history of yellow gold.

gold-mesh-braceletEven throughout the 20th century, yellow gold was the most gold of choice for style icons like Jackie Onassis, Talitha Getty and Jane Birkin. Since the fashion world is currently taking its cue from the 1960s and 1970s, it’s no wonder that yellow gold is making a huge comeback. From the style outlook for 2009, it is clear that the look is here to stay. And why not? Yellow gold looks beautiful on every skin tone and brings a warm glow to the wearer. Both history and trends have proven the longevity and lasting beauty of yellow gold jewelry.

Three Must-Have Styles of Yellow Gold Jewelry

satin-finished-diamond-bandThere are three types of yellow gold jewelry that every woman should own: antique/history inspired pieces, classic pieces and a few contemporary pieces. Historically inspired pieces are fabulous because they make a statement and boldly finish off an outfit. The perfect example of a must-have historical piece is a pair of yellow gold Greek key hoop earrings.  They look great paired with chic maxi dresses in the spring and summer.

Every woman’s jewelry box should also contain at least a few classic yellow gold pieces. Classics can be worn year round for both everyday jewelry and special occasions. A great pair of gold hoops, long gold necklace, and gold mesh bracelet are the perfect picks.

Complete your collection of yellow gold must-haves with a few contemporary pieces that are uniquely you. Modern jewelry should be very versatile and worn often to create a signature look that reflects your personality. We love the satin-finished yellow gold ring set with one sparkling diamond in the middle.  It’s great for finishing off casual outfits, goes with everything, and can even be worn with dressier outfits – the perfect combination.

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