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Heart Wedding Bands

heart-band-womens-diamond-bandThis being Valentine’s week, it makes sense to focus on beautiful heart-shaped jewelry. Since the heart is a treasured symbol of love, it is a popular choice for a holiday devoted to love. But don’t make the mistake of believing that heart-themed jewelry is only for Valentine’s Day. The heart is not a fleeting token; it is a lasting symbol that promises a part of oneself to another, while vowing to keep the other person in one’s own heart. True love runs deep, just like the blood that makes the heart beat faster in proximity to a significant other. As such, the symbol of the heart is a fitting ambassador for lifelong love and commitment – making it the perfect decorative design for a wedding band.

A wedding band embedded with hearts reminds the couple of their love for each other along with the vows of love and commitment they took on their wedding day. In that vein, we felt that Valentine’s Week was the perfect time to round up some of our favorite heart wedding bands to share with our readers.

Beautiful Byzantine 1 Carat Diamond Heart Band

This gorgeous diamond heart band (pictured at top) makes a statement and stands on its own. In total, 85 high quality diamonds sparkle amongst the 14k white gold band. Two bands frame a row of floating hearts, each set afire with one diamond in the middle. This band is an ideal pick for the bride who only wants to wear a band after the wedding instead of a band on top of the engagement ring. The flat setting slows the band the be worn comfortably on a daily basis, yet the stylish design makes it much more special than a simple wedding band.


Two-Tone Heart His & Hers Wedding Bands

This modern ring has a nontraditional, funky romantic vibe. The contrast of the yellow and white gold adds an interesting visual element as does the inverted, fused heart design that composes the center of the ring. This wedding band is a great option for couples who want to incorporate a heart design into their rings while wearing matching rings.

Celtic Heart Knot Wedding Band Ring

Celtic designs are extremely popular for wedding bands, particularly men’s bands. The intricacy of Celtic designs allows multiple symbols to be worked into a ring without any one symbol standing out. The Celtic heart knot appears to be multiple intricate flourishes, which allows the heart symbol to have a subtle overall design impact. This wedding band is the ideal ring choice for romantic guys who prefer subtlety.

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