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Great Holiday Gifts: Birthstone Jewelry

This aquamarine pendant is the perfect gift for women born in March.

Buying holiday gifts can be a tough task. Most people will agree that the ideal gift is something thoughtful and personal that the recipient will cherish. The tough part is finding that special item to fulfill the above criteria. Jewelry is always a great pick for a holiday gift since it’s something that a woman can wear throughout her life and pass down to future generations.

But what jewelry? Individual tastes vary, but there is one way to guarantee that the jewelry you give her will have personal meaning: give a beautiful piece of birthstone jewelry.

4 Reasons Why She‘ll Love It:

1. There are a few important occasions that practically demand jewelry as a gift. Her birthday, big anniversaries, and Christmas or Hanukkah are among them.

2. Receiving beautiful jewelry during the holidays is extra sentimental, and she will always remember the warmth of the holiday you spent together when she looks at your gift.

3. Most people love their birthdays, and, consequently, they also love their birth month. People read astrology and identify with their signs for a reason: people love identifying with their birthdays and symbols of their birthday.

4. A birthstone ring, necklace or earrings is more than just another piece of jewelry. It’s much more personal and thoughtful, and lets her know that you care about details… and that you remember her birthday.

Choosing the Perfect Birthstone Gift

Now that you’ve decided to wow her with birthstone jewelry for the holidays, it’s time to choose the perfect piece to take her breath away. Here is a rundown of what gemstone pairs with each birth month, as well as beautiful pieces we’ve hand-picked for their exceptional style and value:

January Gemstone: Garnet

Perfect Pick: We suggest a pretty pendant like the Heart Clover necklace set in 14k white gold.

February Gemstone: Amethyst
Perfect Pick: Though amethyst is usually purple, it also comes in a gorgeous ethereal green. We love the green amethyst and diamond earrings set in 14k white gold.
March Gemstone: Aquamarine
Perfect Pick: A nearly 3 carat cushion-cut aquamarine pendant surrounded by diamonds will take her breath away.

April Gemstone: Diamond
Perfect Pick: Treat her to a lovely but simple circular white gold pendant encrusted with sparkling diamonds.

May Gemstone: Emerald
Perfect Pick: Bold green emerald and diamond stud earrings will enhance her eye color.

June Gemstone: Pearl
Perfect Pick: A beautiful dark Tahitian pearl necklace with diamond starfish accent is both fashion-forward and timeless.

July Gemstone: Ruby
Perfect Pick: A ring with a ruby center stone is a smart choice. Christian women will love the ruby and cross setting – it’s subtle yet meaningful.

August Gemstone: Peridot
Perfect Pick: A round peridot gemstone pops when surrounded by diamonds in this pretty white gold necklace.

September Gemstone: Sapphire
Perfect Pick: A sparkling three-stone sapphire ring says you will love her for the present, past and future.

October Gemstone: Tourmaline
Perfect Pick: Lucky tourmaline birthday girls will love showing off a pretty cocktail ring set with the pink stone.

November Gemstone: Citrine

Perfect Pick: Show her you love her with a citrine cocktail ring shaped like a heart.

December Gemstone: Topaz

Perfect Pick: A brilliant topaz ring accented with blue and white diamonds is simply stunning.

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