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How to Measure Your Ring Size

Get Professionally Sized.

There are many ways to determine your ring size, including wrapping a piece of string or paper around your finger, but nothing is more accurate than being measured by a professional jeweler. We recommend that you take a few moments to stop by your local jewelry store and get measured so you can be absolutely confident about your choice of size.

Try to achieve a snug fit.

The ring sizer should feel tight going over your knuckles but should feel comfortable once it is on your finger.

Let the jeweler know if the ring you’re interested in is comfort fit.

Most Apples of Gold Jewelry wedding bands are comfort fit, but you should refer to the specific product page to make sure. Comfort fit rings tend to fit a little looser and feel more comfortable, as the name suggests. Some may feel that they want to order a 1/2 size larger than they are measured to be safe. This is not necessary with comfort fit wedding bands.

Consider going to more than one jeweler.

This is not absolutely necessary but it does help ensure that the sizing is being done accurately. Two jewelers are ideal if you have the time!

Consider getting sized during different times of the day.

Again, not necessary but it certainly could be helpful because fingers may swell throughout the day and change how your ring feels and fits.

Resist ordering a half-size larger for “extra room”.

Wearing a wedding band that is too large can actually feel somewhat uncomfortable as it slides around on your finger and a ring that’s even slightly too big can easily slip off when your fingers are wet or soapy.

Most design bands can not be re-sized smaller but most can be made a quarter to a half size larger without compromising the quality or integrity of the ring, in case you feel that you need “extra room” at a later date.

In either case, Apples of Gold Jewelry offers a 45 day return or exchange policy if you still end up ordering the wrong size.

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