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How To Start a Jewelry Tradition

diamond-stud-earrings-largeTraditions, whether small or large, simple or elaborate, serve as lasting bonds that tie people together. Family traditions are the most common, but many groups of friends and even businesses have cherished traditions too. The reason behind our love for traditions can be explained by the joy and warmth we feel when sharing our traditions with those important to us. A yearly pilgrimage to cut down a Christmas tree, weekly Shabbat dinner, or an annual girl’s spa weekend create beautiful memories of enjoying time with our favorite

In many families or groups of friends, important jewelry traditions are established. Jewelry traditions are a beautiful, lasting way to make meaningful connections with loved ones. If you don’t have a jewelry tradition yet, or want fresh ideas on how to incorporate another jewelry tradition into your life, we have a list of simple ways to start and nurture your very own.

Choosing a Jewelry Tradition

aquamarine-birthstone-stud-earringsA jewelry tradition can be started for any number of things, but usually runs parallel to important life events. For example, a family might gift each of their daughters with a pair of pearl or diamond stud earrings when she turns eighteen, either as a graduation present or a congratulatory gift for being accepted into the college of her choice. Or, for a girl’s thirteenth birthday, her parents might allow her to get her ears pierced and treat her to a pair of stud earrings set with her birthstone. Here are some ideas for jewelry traditions to consider:

Family Jewelry Traditions

  • Passing down a piece of jewelry that has been in the family for the daughter to wear in her wedding.
  • Buying each grandchild a gold cross for their communion or confirmation.
  • Passing down heirloom diamond rings from previous generations for the son or daughter to use as an engagement ring.
  • Every birthday, in lieu of a pile of presents, choose one meaningful piece of jewelry that your son or daughter can keep

Friend Jewelry Traditions

  • A group of girlfriends can pool their funds and buy each friend in the group a cocktail ring for her 21st birthday.
  • Friends who can give expectant mothers an engravable necklace that can be personalized with the name of the baby once he or she is born.

How To Keep the Tradition Alive

To ensure that the tradition continues to perpetuate, it’s important that the jewelry gift and the reason behind the tradition is thoroughly explained.  Writing down the meaning behind the gift in a keepsake card is a wonderful way to preserve the depth behind the gesture, and can be passed down to future generations along with the gift. Finally, make sure to explain that your wish is for the tradition you’ve started to be continued in the family (or group of friends). By following these steps, you can begin a beautiful tradition that lives on long after you are gone; keeping the love and your memory alive.

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