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January Birthstone: Garnet

Garnet white gold and diamond ring largeRichly hued in deep crimson, garnet is the much-coveted January birthstone. The color of love, blood, passion and power, garnet is a statement-making gem.  Feisty January babies are the lucky wearers of garnet jewelry, although women born during the other 11 months have also been known to find garnet’s lovely allure irresistible.  Read on for the history, myths and metaphysical properties of the January birthstone:

Garnet History & Myth

Since garnets have been mined for over 2,500 years, they have a long and storied history. They were first mined in Sri Lanka and have since been found and mined in the Americas, Australia, Europe, Africa and India.  Interestingly, though garnets call to mind a fiery red hue, the gemstone also comes in (much less common) green, yellow and a purplish red color.garnet sterling silver flower ring

Garnets have been used in jewelry and as talismans throughout history, with one of the earliest references in the Bible.  Supposedly Noah used a garnet gemstone on the front of his ark to guide him through the dark, stormy nights. After the biblical reference to garnet being used to guide Noah, travelers and voyagers carried garnets with them for protection and guidance.  Garnets were very popular jewelry gemstones in the Victorian era, and have retained their popularity throughout the centuries thanks to their fire and beauty.

Garnet Metaphysical Properties

The January birthstone is associated with many positive metaphysical properties. The most common metaphysical use for garnets is as a guiding stone that provides courage and light, probably thanks to its history of use and legends as such. Today, some healers also use the garnet gemstone to provide relief from nightmares, depression, stress, inflammation and unpure auras.

Beautiful Garnet Gifts for January Birthdays

garnet white gold victorian vintage style ringGarnets are such an eye-catching gemstone that they make the perfect jewelry gift for women born in January. The sparkling red color looks beautiful in white gold, yellow gold and silver, making it as versatile as it is lovely. Here are three of our favorite garnet rings for gifting:

Cusion-Cut Garnet and Diamond Ring

When you want to really impress the one you love, this cushion-cut garnet and diamond ring is just the piece of jewelry to give. The bold center stone is over a carat and is set off beautifully by the halo of sparkling diamonds set in 14K white gold.

Handmade Sterling Silver Garnet Flower Ring

This pretty garnet-dotted ring features a fresh, youthful design. The large sterling silver flower is surrounded by four garnets set in 14K yellow gold for a pop of unexpected color and contrast.

Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

For women who love an ornate, vintage piece of jewelry, this ring is a perfect pick. The rich design is reminiscent of the romantic Victorian era, and the beautiful garnet gemstone in the center adds visual interest that aligns with Victorian style and sensibility.

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