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Jewelry Engraving Tips

wedding-vow-bandEngraving jewelry is the perfect way to make an already beautiful piece much more meaningful. Jewelry engraving first became popular during the Victorian era, a time defined by sweeping romantic gestures. Beautiful poems, quotes and meaningful dates were hand-engraved on the back of lockets and the inside of rings for a secret sentimental meaning that only the wearer knows. Engraving technology has come a long way, but the timelessness of engraved jewelry is still the same.

Picking The Perfect Engraving

Once you’ve decided to get a piece of jewelry engraved, the most important part of the process is choosing the perfect words. Engravings can be as simple as “I Love You,” but the most meaningful ones say something unique and personal about your relationship. This is especially true for wedding bands, which are one of the most popular items for engraving.

Here are our top ideas for finding the perfect words to engrave:

engraved-i-love-you-ring1. Wedding Vows: If you are engraving a wedding band, there is no better way to memorialize your lifelong commitment to loving each other than by forever etching the words into your bands. We carry some beautiful wedding bands with room for vow engraving.

2. Phrases, Lyrics or Words from a Poem: Many couples have a particular poem or song that is special to their hearts, and symbolizes an important part of their relationship. This choice is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

3. Religious Phrase or Verse:
Couples who find strength in their faith will enjoy having a religious verse inscribed on their jewelry or wedding band. Symbolically you will always carry your love for the person as well as a reverence for your religion.

Now that you’ve found the perfect words to commemorate  your love, read on for a few more things you should know about engraving.


Hand Engraving v. Machine Engraving

Hand engraving is done by a person using special tiny tools. Hand engravers usually know a wide range of fonts and styles they can use to write the words. Keep in mind that hand engraving usually works best with a soft gold or silver. Platinum or tungsten is extremely hard to engrave by hand, and the engraving might not be deep enough to easily read.

Machine engraving is accomplished by a special machine that is hooked up to a computer. The computer has a file of what the engraving is supposed to look like, and relays the information to the machine to create a perfect copy on the piece of jewelry. Machine engraving gives the customer a wider range of styles and objects that can be engraved on a ring. At Apples of Gold Jewelry, we have special technology that allows us to engrave your phrase in your own handwriting onto the ring. It’s the most customizable way to memorialize your special words on a piece of jewelry.

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