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Jewelry Lovers Relax with a Blue Diamond Ring

Blue is a color that has an emotional sensation of calm, relaxation, and reassurance.  Blue can also give one a feeling of mystery and exhilaration.  Not only is it known to help you sleep by being a great color for bedrooms but it is also a great color for jewelry.

The majority of diamonds that are used for jewelry are clear and white, however; blue can be an electrifying choice if you are looking to add some variety to your jewelry options. Traditionally from India, blue diamonds have been worn throughout times past and Apples of Gold has a versatile selection of blue diamond rings for any occasion.

The Blue and White Diamond Swirl ring from Apples of Gold is an excellent choice.  A solitary blue .60 carat diamond is centered on a 14k white gold band and surrounded by a swirl of  0.43 carats of white diamonds.  The swirling effect gives the ring a “oceany” feel enhancing its exquisiteness and calming effects. This blue diamond has a diamond clarity of S12/I1 and the all 33 diamonds have a clarity of SI2, guaranteeing a high quality and authentic purchase.

Blue and White Diamond Swirl Ring

Step outside the norm with a Apples of Gold’s conversation jewelry piece; the Double Flower Blue and White Diamond Ring.  The 14k white gold band on this unique ring holds an exclusive treasure on each end; a white 0.25 carat diamond flower center surrounded by blue 0.93 carat diamond petals; an excellent choice for blue diamond lovers around the globe.

Double Flower Blue and White Diamond Ring

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