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Jewelry Trends: Organic Shapes

Organic Shaped Gold RingIt seems that everything these days is going organic –  from cotton and bamboo clothing to groceries to even jewelry.   If you’re wondering how jewelry can be organic, allow us to explain. Since metals and gemstones come from the earth already, jewelry has always been an organic matter. But the traditionally inorganic man-made shapes of jewelry are an entirely different story.

Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are most often carefully crafted into precise shapes featuring smooth edges and exacting designs. Gemstones are valued based on the quality of the cut, which is an art in itself. Getting light to reflect perfectly off of a diamond requires a talented jeweler wielding finely tuned tools. Throughout history, the perfection of a piece of jewelry has had an important impact on the item’s price.

However, with fashion’s recent focus on the natural, green and organic, the more abstract, flowing shapes are becoming trendy and preferable to carefully uniform designs. Irregular shapes, gemstones left rough and natural and uneven patterns etched into gold are edging out the sleekly polished look. It’s a refreshing, untamed style that adds an unexpected pop of rebellion into both classic and laid back wardrobes.

One of our favorite pieces that typifies this jewelry trend is our 14K solid gold fashion ring. Crafted with careful irreverence, this hefty statement piece is a devil-may-care twist on the classic wear-all gold ring.  It would look equally lovely paired with a ladylike little black cocktail dress as it would with a long, free-flowing 70s style maxi dress or worn jeans and a v-neck tee.

The ring is nearly an inch wide at the top, a nice size that’s not for the faint of heart. But, if you’re looking for that perfect stylish piece of jewelry to turn an outfit from blah to amazing, our fashion ring is the perfect addition to your jewelry box.

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