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Jewels And Juveniles: Tips On Buying Jewelry For Young People

Parents want to know: what’s the best age to start buying jewelry for my child? As a child approaches the tween and teen years, jewelry can make a special gift and a fine investment. But jewelry for this age should be chosen carefully. If the piece is too juvenile, you may spend a lot of money for something that won’t be worn and enjoyed into adulthood. Or, if the piece is too mature in its style or too large in size, the child won’t be able to appreciate it now. Not a very fun gift.

By choosing carefully, you can begin to give your children something that is not only beautiful today, but will be an investment and a treasure for years to come. Here are a few tips on buying jewelry for young people.

Look For Durability. Younger jewelry wearers often forget that jewelry has to be handled and worn gently. Keep it simple by choosing pieces that have larger clasps and thicker chains. Gemstones should be set in strong settings. 14K gold is more durable than 18K and thus a better option when buying for kids. Remind the recipient that jewelry should always be removed before sports and swimming and should be stored in a safe place when not being worn.

The Right Age. There is no perfect age at which a child is ready to receive jewelry as a gift. Each child matures a little differently. Consider the child. Does she take good care of her belongings and recognize that things of great value must be cared for gently? Has she expressed an interest in wearing and owning her own jewelry? The age of twelve or thirteen is ideal for most, though shome children may not be ready to own valuables until slightly older. Experiment with a lower-priced item such a sterling silver to test a child’s interest and readiness for owning jewelry.

Reflect Her Style. If your daughter is dainty and delicate, choose jewelry that reflects that style. It is possible to find jewelry that is both durably and dainty. A delicate pendant can be strung on a stronger chain. If she loves pink, consider a pink gemstone like the pink sapphires shown below. Avoid cutesy pieces that wouldn’t appeal to an adult woman, but make sure the piece is still youthful and stylish for a girl.

The Best Pieces. While any piece of jewelry could potentially work for a young person, certain pieces are better than others. When children’s fingers, hands, and wrists are yet very small, bracelets and rings may not be the best option, unless the piece will be easy to size as the child grows. Earrings and pendants are a better option–they’ll fit a lady of any age or size.

The Right Occasion. While jewelry is a special gift to receive on any occasion, it is especially delightful on a day that is focused on the girl, such as a birthday, graduation or confirmation. Jewelry commemorates the occasion or event as her special day, and gives her a memento so that she’ll remember it always. If the gift is for her birthday, birthstone jewelry is an ideal choice. For a confirmation or graduation, a gold and diamond cross pendant crowns the moment.


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