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July Birthstone: Ruby

For centuries, royals and commoners alike have been enthralled with the ruby’s fire, passion and brilliance. The modern July birthstone, rubies hold the prestige of being the rarest of all gemstones – even rarer than diamonds. What’s more, their remarkable red hue has the visual impact of making them appear much larger than the actual carat weight. Lucky July birthday babies have the good fortune of wearing the coveted ruby as their designated birthstone. With a rich history, unique folklore and gorgeous red glow, it’s no wonder the ruby has been called ‘the king of gems.’

Ruby History & Folklore

Ancient cultures revered the ruby gemstone. They believed in the rubies curative powers, especially in regards to problems of the heart and blood. Legend has it that Burmese warriors would embed a small piece of ruby under their skin before going into battle to protect and heal them. Medicine men in India also felt that the ruby had healing powers, particularly in the case of digestive disorders.

Thanks to all of the myth and folklore surrounding rubies as a talisman for strength and healing, rubies were highly sought after by royalty throughout the ages. They have had high trading value throughout the centuries as well, with literature discussing their worth along the trading route of the North Silk Road of China around 200 BC. Other literature of the Orient describes a ruby as “a drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth,” – a powerful metaphor.

Modern Ruby Lore

Today, the ruby still has many connotations thanks to its unique fiery color. Many believe that the ruby brings its wearer power, romance, strength, health and amplified passion. Even for those who may not agree with a ruby’s mythical abilities, it is undeniable that the gemstone has a stronghold over jewelry lovers. It’s value, beauty and rarity make it a fabulous addition to a woman’s jewelry box, and a fantastic gift for a person with a July birthday.

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