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Magnificent Mineral–Marcasite

Marcasite is a mineral similar to pyrite, but not pyrite, but marcasite jewelry is not marcasite, but pyrite. Confused yet? Evidently back in medieval times, the two stones came under the same name. Today, this metallic black stone (pyrite) goes by the name marcasite in the jewelry store, and you’ll typically find it set in sterling silver, as in the pieces shown here. But one thing you don’t need to be confused about it is marcasite’s bold beauty. Its shiny, charcoal-black shimmer makes it perfect for eveningwear and special occasion. The fun, appealing stylishness of marcasite also makes it a great complement for your everyday casual wear. Dramatic, beautiful, and affordable, marcasite jewelry is worth a second look.

The Round Sterling Marcasite Pendant (left) features marcasite set in sterling silver. The dark color makes it a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe and the added bit of shine that complements a basic black turtleneck or gray blouse. Pendant measures 48mm long.

Match your pendant with our Swirl Design Marcasite Ring. This bold ring (right) is the perfect piece to add shine and fashion savvy to your new seasonal wear. It also matches perfectly with your other sterling silver pieces!

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