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Muted Pastel Pearls

Lavender freshwater pearl necklaceMuted, ethereal pastel colors are one of the most popular color trends for this coming year.  The muted colors range from neutrals like light gray and champagne to a pastel palette of lavenders, peaches and light pinks.  The effect is very soft and feminine, and pairs well with a wide range of other colors.

One of our favorite ways to wear this new, trendy color palette is to integrate the pretty soft pastels into your jewelry box. Amethyst (and green amethyst), pale citrine, aquamarine and morganite are the best gemstones that embody the muted color palette, although we also love the idea of pastel freshwater pearls.

Freshwater pearls are not only affordable, they also come in a range of pastels. Lavender, baby pink, champagne and peach are the best freshwater pearl colors to rock the muted pastel trend.  Though pearls might not be the first gem that comes to mind when thinking of a fashion-forward jewelry look, freshwater pearls are a bit hipper and trendier than their more expensive counterparts. Not only because they can be used generously to create interesting looks (thanks to their lower price), but also because they come in more fashion-forward hues.

Two Ways To Wear The TrendFreshwater and south sea pearl multicolor necklace

One of our favorite ways to wear the lavender and pink freshwater pearl jewelry is to layer long different colored necklaces on top of each other. The colorful layers create a pretty gradient of pastels, and look super stylish paired with a simple black or gray cocktail dress.

Another look we love is a pearl necklace that mixes South Sea pearls with freshwater pearls for a stunning single strand. Since the necklace encompasses so many different colors, it can be worn with virtually anything, year round. Although it certainly embodies the muted pastel trend, the darker pearls interwoven with the pastel give is to much versatility that it transcends one season’s trend. Plus, multicolor pearl necklaces are just so chic that it’s hard not to fall in love with the look.

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