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New Item: Organic Leaf Imprint Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver

David Tishbi Jewelry, designed and handcrafted in Israel, is a perennial Apples of Gold favorite. Made of the finest metals, the jewelry is at once rugged, yet refined, reflecting the geography and conditions of the land of its origin.

This fall, as we are announcing a host of new and exciting pieces, we are excited to have a new Tishbi design in the line-up. The Organic Leaf Imprint Spinner Ring in Sterling Silver is a true reflection of the season and sure to be a best seller in the months to come. The ring, imprinted with a prominent leaf pattern, is made from 0.925 sterling silver—oxidized for an antique, earthy look. The brushed silver bands encircle and spin around the ring, contrasting the two finishes.

And as if the fall-themed design and unique construction weren’t enough, this ring is also made from recycled silver. Why does that matter? The mining of precious metals can put significant strain on the environment. When you purchase recycled precious metals, you enjoy jewelry that is not causing further damage to the land and water systems. Not only does this ring’s design celebrate the beauty of creation and the autumn season, but it’s nature friendly as well.

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