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New Product: Rough-Cut Emerald

The rough-cut emerald is the new kid on the block this season. Set in silver, the cooler green says, “summer is here.”

The rough-cut emerald is unique from its traditional emerald counterpart. The color, rather than the striking emerald green we’re used to, is a slightly more pastel shade—almost sage. It is especially captivating to look at because you can see the intricate inclusions that give the emerald its rich swirling color. When it comes to this stone, the inclusions, which in other gemstones might be seen as ‘flaws,’ are the emerald’s greatest asset. The fissures that run through the stone hold its powerful hue.

This stone matches stylishly with sterling silver as the new additions to our line attest. The Rough Cut Emerald Pendant In Sterling Silver highlights the charm of this stone and frames it in a decorative, artsy, silver filigree pendant. The Rough Cut Oval Emerald Earrings are also framed in silver. Radiant with the pendant, or on their own.


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