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New Product: Rustic Sterling & Amethyst

This summer we are all about sterling! And nothing brings out silver’s shine like a colored gemstone. Amethyst is a favorite for its attractive and enchanting purple hue—a perfect complement to the summer color palette.

Our rustic amethyst and silver pieces set enchanting amethyst stones in fine sterling, showing off the brightest and best that each has to offer. When you are looking for jewelry that is unique and individual, but won’t break the bank, silver is a perfect choice.

Some jewelry buyers avoid silver because of its tendency to tarnish with time and wear. In the case of our rustic jewelry, a touch of tarnish actually adds to the charms of these earrings, giving them an antiqued look known as “patina”. But if a little more shine and luster is what you wish for, a special jewelry buffing cloth or a quick trip to your local jeweler can get your sterling looking as silvery as it was the day you bought it.

Our feminine and fun amethyst and sterling silver jewelry selections also make great bridesmaids’ gifts!


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