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November Birthstone: Citrine and Yellow Topaz

Though yellow topaz is the official November birthstone, citrine is the commonly accepted alternate stone – and for good reason. With its sunny color that looks stunning paired with gold, as well as its relative affordability, citrine makes a beautiful November birthstone. Like the turning Fall leaves, the honey-yellow hues are the last warm colors of Fall before the onset of winter.

November Birthstone: Citrine History & Myth  

Citrine is a form of quartz, which makes it a cousin to the lovely purple amethyst. Relatively scarce, citrine does not have as storied of a history as many of the other birthstones. It was first used in cabochon form in jewelry during the Roman times, and was also popular during the Romantic period when other colored gemstones experienced  a surge in popularity.

Citrine was attributed with many powerful properties throughout the centuries, including as a talisman for strength, and to guard against evil thoughts. It is also said to protect oneself against your own self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, and to promote creativity.

November Birthstone: Citrine Properties

Interestingly, citrine is sensitive to heat and should not be kept in heat or sunlight for long periods of time. Because of the scarcity of naturally found citrine, much of the citrine used in jewelry today is heat treated amethyst. The heat treating process brings out a new hue in the quartz, turning it from its naturally-found purple to a warm yellow-orange color.

November Birthstone: Citrine Jewelry Gifts

Apples of Gold is proud to carry a large selection of citrine jewelry, making it easy to find the perfect present for your November-born loved one. For the vintage lover, we suggest the Victorian era-inspired citrine and sterling silver ring.  Women with simpler tastes will adore the versatile citrine and gold stud earrings, while glamour girls go gaga for the stunning citrine cocktail ring with diamond halo.

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