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November Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine and Diamond ring november birthstoneWarm, rich and beautiful, citrine is the gemstone that lucky November birthdays get to claim as their birthstone.  Citrine is an undeniably stunning gem, made all the more popular in recent years thanks to the fashion world’s focus on the color yellow.  Citrine ranges in hue from softly sunny all the way to  rich marigold, making it a versatile birthstone that can be worn year round. Lovers of canary diamonds who can’t afford the steep price tag also love citrine for its similar, yet affordable, look that mimics the famed yellow diamond.

Citrine History and Facts

Citrine is a quartz stone that is similar in chemical composition to amethyst. Natural citrine is found in Brazil, Russia, France and Madagascar. However, many citrine gemstones used by jewelers are actually amethysts that have been heat-treated to create the coveted yellow hue. The most noticeable difference between natural citrine and heat treated citrine is the reddish hue that tends to accompany heat treated citrine gemstones.

Since the November birthstone is found in France, its name comes from the French word ‘citron’, meaning lemon. The Romans were likely the first civilization to use citrine as a gemstone, and wore it in cabochon form as jewelry.  Citrine experienced a popular resurgence during both the Romantic Period in the late 18th century, when artists favored the gemstone’s warm, sunny color, as well as during the Art Deco period. Enchanted vintage citrine ring

Citrine Symbolism and Mysticism

Citrine has been a popular healing remedy throughout history. The astrological gem for Virgos, the vibrant yellow stone was said to purify and detox the body, lessen depression, alleviate kidney problems, and help heal the heart. Though few people today believe in its power of healing, citrine remains a symbol for hope, strength, creativity and joy. With its bright, sunny color, it’s no wonder that people believe citrine to be symbolic of joy. Light yellow is also often used in color therapy to help the mind feel clear, calm and creative, making citrine a great choice of gemstone when you want mental clarity.

Apples of Gold carries a gorgeous collection of citrine rings, like the 2.75 carat stunner at top or the lovely enchanted vintage ring at right. They make the perfect gift for a November birthday, although the appeal of citrine is certainly universal. From the ancient Romans to today’s fashion world, citrine has claimed a place in the hearts of jewelry lovers across time and space.

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