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Origin of the Paisley Wedding Band

The paisley pattern is prevalent in design, fine jewelry, wedding rings, art, chic furniture,  tableware, and is a fashionable wedding motif. But it is so much more than that.

Resembling a twisted tear-drop, kidney shape, or elongated comma, the paisley design is of Persian and Indian origin, but the modern name, “paisley” is of Scottish descent, made fashionable in Europe by the town of Paisley in Central Scotland.

Spiritual meaning of the Paisley

The paisley design is rich in spiritual and symbolic meaning. In India, the paisley signified the time of harvest, a time of both socio-economic and spiritual significance.

In Eastern religions, the two paisleys are reminiscent of the yin-yang, the interaction of two polar energies of which encompasses creation (a befitting motif for the union of marriage).

diamond-paisley-wedding-bandSome scholars also believe the paisley is a convergence of a floral spray and the ancient cypress tree of the Middle East–a spiritually rich tree that is often found in the pages of the Bible.

Noah’s ark, for example, was made with cypress wood: “So make yourself an ark of cypress wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out” (Genesis 6:14). The cypress was also a symbol of holiness and aesthetic beauty: “The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the pine, the fir and the cypress together, to adorn the place of my sanctuary; and I will glorify the place of my feet” (Isaiah 60:13).

Royal Insignia and Artwork

engraved-paisley-ringThe paisley also had its origins in royal design; In the Safavid dynasty of Persia of the 16th and 17th century, the paisley floral motif  was a popular pattern used to decorate royal insignias, crowns, and court garments–and was later prevalent in Persian carpets, embroidery, and jewelry.

The paisley design quickly made its way into Europe through Indian imports, including in England, France, and Scotland, where the paisley derived its modern name.

Modern Influence

The paisley design saw a heavy resurgence in modern times with the advent of the 60s psychodelic culture and interest in Indian spirituality and culture, which was made popular by the Beatles pilgrimage to India in 1968.

Today, fashion and design has reached far back into Mid-East and European  history to resurrect the beauty, depth of meaning, and royal floral paisley pattern.

Paisley Wedding Bands are a fashionable statement for wedding bands that are not only full of historical significance and meaning, but are simply beautiful and enduring.

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