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Paisley: A Pattern With A History

The paisley pattern is an interesting and exotic design, incorporating the shapes of mangoes and other fruits, swirled with floral and plant images. The look is both delicate and ornate, yet bold and dramatic—appealing to men and women alike.

Though paisley patterns grew to popularity in the Scottish textile-producing town of Paisley, the pattern actually has its origins in India and parts of the Middle East as early as 300AD. It is said to have been used in both royal and religious garments and decorations. Today paisley is still a popular wedding pattern and decoration in parts of Asia and the Middle East.

The Men’s Paisley Wedding Band in 14k White Gold (shown above left) incorporates the intricate paisley design into a chunky, sturdy band—it’s masculine, yet stylish and decorative. This ring is crafted exclusively of 14k white gold, but is also available in two-tone gold and platinum.

The Handmade Paisley Floral Wedding Band in 14K Rose Gold shows off paisley’s feminine side. This beautiful women’s wedding band incorporates floral accents, giving it a Victorian feel. The band is also available in white and yellow gold.

Looking for a special design and an artful style for your wedding jewelry? Click here to see the complete line of Apples of Gold paisley rings.

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