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Pearl Bracelets for the Bride

Black pearl double strand braceletBrides and pearls go together like cookies and milk  –  quite deliciously.  As mentioned in last week’s article on Pearl Earrings for the Bride, pearl jewelry has been a wedding day tradition since weddings became lavish events in the Victorian era. The luminous, lovely pearl has long been a symbol for faith, virtue and purity, precisely why it became such a popular choice for wedding jewelry during those times.

Though many of today’s weddings no longer focus on the theme of purity, marriage is still a leap of faith in which two people  pledge to build a life together.  The virtues of faith, trust, love and patience are hallmarks of a successful marriage, which is perhaps why pearls are still relevant symbols of a modern marriage.  Even for women who only love pearl jewelry because of the beautiful vintage aesthetic, it’s undeniable that the simple pearl makes a simply stunning wedding day accessory.  On that note, here are some of our favorite bridal pearl bracelets that we’re excited to introduce: White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

8-9 mm Freshwater White Pearl Bracelet

Since the beauty of pearls is their simplicity, one of the best ways to show them off is with a clean, classic design.  This lovely freshwater white pearl bracelet is crafted with AAAA quality pearls; pearls that make the highest grade in every category.  The superior quality and luster of this pearl bracelet makes it a perfect wedding day pick for brides who want the best. It’s rare that this quality can be found at such an incredible price.

Cultured Black Pearl Double Strand Bracelet

Bold brides will make a dramatic statement with this double strand black pearl bracelet (seen at top).  Black pearl jewelry paired with a white wedding gown is such a gorgeous contrast, especially if one of the wedding colors is gray or black. This cultured black pearl bracelet is such a gem (pun intended), and is finished off with a pretty white gold clasp.

White Gold and diamond south sea pearl bangleWhite Gold and Diamond South Sea Pearl Bangle

Modern, clean and striking, this gorgeous white gold bangle is set with two exquisite South Sea pearls. The rarest and most beautiful pearls in the world, South Sea pearls are an extremely coveted gemstone.  Only the finest pieces of jewelry are crafted with rare South Sea pearls, making this pearl bangle an ideal piece of bridal jewelry.

If you love what you see, be sure to check out the rest of Apples of Gold’s selection of stunning pearl bracelets. For ladies who love pearls but prefer earrings, our article on Pearl Earrings for the Wedding features several lovely options for the bride with style.

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