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Personalized Silver Jewelry

Kira Ferrer Personalized Sterling Silver BraceletPersonalized Silver Jewelry As a Gift

If you are in hot pursuit of a beautiful yet budget-friendly gift for someone special, consider personalized silver jewelry. Personalized silver jewelry is a great option because of the forethought that goes into having a gift inscribed for the recipient.

Unlike buying them an unpersonalized piece of jewelry, a piece of jewelry that is engraved with their initials, birthday, a special phrase or meaningful words is incredibly heartfelt and special. Personalizing silver jewelry can be done in so many unique ways; the options of what to engrave are only limited by the imagination. Here are three of our favorite ideas for engraving personalized silver jewelry:

1. Significant Dates

For a romantic present, personalize silver jewelry with significant dates. The date of your first date, first kiss, engagement, anniversary or other special experience is a sweet, romantic way to forever commemorate a day in the history of your relationship.  Both the trio letter sterling silver bangle and the trio letter sterling silver Kira Ferrer Personalized Sterling Silver Necklacenecklace are great choices for this personalized idea.

2. Initials

Engraving personalized silver jewelry with initials is an oldie but a goody, and a true classic. Also, if there is room to engrave three letters you can think outside the ‘initials box.’ Shorten a special phrase shared between the two of you to an acronym or think of funny, meaningful three word phrases. The two of you will always share the inside knowledge of what the initials stand for, but outsiders won’t be able to guess what it means.  Jewelry designer Kira Ferrer’s trio letter bangle and necklace are ideal for initial engraving.

3. Special Quotes

For personalized silver jewelry pieces that have room for more than a word or two, adding a special quote is a unique way to make the gift more meaningful.  Special quotes can be gleaned from novels, poems, cards between the two of you, or even from current pop culture with movie quotes and song lyrics. For this idea, we suggest jewelry designer Kira Ferrer’s personalized sterling silver bangle, which can be inscribed on the inside so the quote lies next to the skin.

Kira Ferrer Personalized Sterling Silver BanglePersonalized Silver Jewelry for Yourself

Even if you are looking for a pretty new piece of jewelry for yourself, personalized silver jewelry is an option to consider.  Our beautiful sterling silver ‘secret inscription’ bracelet holds a personalized message on the inside of the band, keeping the words a secret to the wearer. This would be the perfect place to personalize with your favorite life mantra, inspirational quote, New Year’s resolution, or private words of wisdom. The outside world only sees the beautiful sterling silver bracelet, but you will always wear your sacred message close to your body, a constant reminder of being your very best.

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