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Platinum Wedding Bands

platinum-braided-bandAs mentioned in our article about Holiday Proposals, December is by far the most popular month for couples to get engaged. Despite the economic outlook, couples are still falling in love, pledging to spend their lives together, and planning weddings. The good news for today’s couple on a budget is that jewelry’s most precious metal, platinum, experienced a huge price drop during the year. Platinum started off the year at over $1600 per ounce in January 2008, but has steadily declined due to a slowing demand. On the final day of the year platinum closed at only $928 per ounce.

At a time when the prices of gold and platinum are so close to each other, it makes sense to  purchase a platinum wedding band. Since platinum is much rarer than gold, investing in a platinum ring when the price is depressed means that your investment will likely increase in value faster over time. Platinum wedding bands come in just as many styles and designs as gold bands, and are more durable as well. If you are interested in a platinum wedding band for you or your fiancé, consider checking out some of our popular designs. The wide selection has something for everyone; from hammered platinum bands to rings intricately engraved with Celtic crosses.

Hammered Platinum Band

platinum-hammered-bandThe hammered platinum wedding band is for the traditional couple who appreciates a unique look. The band features beveled edges with a matte hammered pattern down the center of the ring. It is also a comfort fit ring, which makes a huge difference in its wearability.

Plain Platinum Band

Plain platinum wedding rings are handsome in their simplicity. They also come in a wide variety of widths so you can find the perfect fit and look for your finger. We carry all the way from a thin 2 millimeter platinum ring up to a big, thick 8 millimeter platinum band.  Often women will feel more comfortable with a slim, light band in the 2 millimeter size and men will choose the 5, 6 or 8 millimeter size so it looks proportional on their larger hands. This allows a couple to pick our matching rings without having to sacrifice the perfect look and feel of a ring on their hand.

Intricately Designed Platinum Rings

Platinum bands also come in a wide range of beautiful designs. Some of the most popular platinum wedding ring designs include rings with Celtic patterns, braided patterns, and brushed finished rings.  Within each of these categories, there is a plethora of styles, widths and sizes to choose from.

If you still have not found the perfect platinum wedding band in the above picks, try browsing through our entire platinum collection of platinum rings. There is something for every taste, and the prices are perfect for couples who want beautiful wedding bands within their budget.

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