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Pretty in Pink Pearls

Unlike cultured pearls, natural pearls are made by the most pristine and indigenous of circumstances; they are not tempered by the works men, but crafted by nature.

Apples of Gold’s All-Natural Freshwater Pink Pearl Earrings are hand-picked with the utmost attention in a generous 7 – 7.5mm pearl size and set in exquisite 14k yellow gold.

Each pink pearl has an AA+ minimum rating with High Luster and Very Good Uniformity ratings.

Another “pretty in pink” selection is the Freshwater Pink Pearl Drop Earrings from Apples of Gold.

Set with perfectly matched, large 8.5mm – 9mm pink pearls in 14k white gold in a subtle floral setting with fashionable J Hoop closures.

High luster, Near Flawless Surfaces and Good Uniformity give these pink pearl earrings exceptional value and quality.

Want a little variation, depending on the occasion and outfit?

Try Apples of Gold’s Freshwater Pink, Black, and White Pearl Earring Set and get all 3 for only $50 more!

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