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Rare Historical Gold Coins

Apples of Gold has partnered with Stauer to bring you a rare collection of historical gold coins. With gold prices climbing and inflation on the rise, now is a perfect time to purchase gold coins.

100 Year Old $5 S-Mint Liberty SF Gold Coin


These historical coins are dated 1866 – 1906 made in .900 Fine (90% pure gold).  With a numismatic grade of Extremely Fine, these are limited edition collectors items. When the U.S. govt official recalled gold coins in 1934, they were melted into gold ounce ingots and nearly 95% of the San Francisco Liberty $5 dollar gold mint was lost. A limted number of the “S” Mint Half-Dollar Eagle survived both the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires and the Federal Government “melt down”. (Priced at $429 U.S. — Click Here For More Info)

America’s First Gold Coin – Spanish 2 Escudo

first-gold-coinsThe U.S. government did not begin striking its own gold coins until 1795. In 1776, the Spanish 2 Escudo became America’s first legal coin and was the gold coin of choice for Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and our Founding Fathers.

Each vintage coin is in Extremely Fine Condition and is struck in 6.7668 grams of .875 fine gold and comes in a custom display case with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity. Quantities are limited. (Priced at $996 and subject to change. Click Here for More Info or to Purchase).

2008 Gold $5 Bald American Eagle Coin

american-eagle-coinsConsidering the limited mintage of these historic gold coins, these gold commemorative coins may soon become as rare a sighting as the bald eagle once was in the lower 48 states.

A symbol of America’s strength and freedom is as enduring as the fine gold with which these coins were minted. Struck in 0.900 gold (90% pure gold), only 1,200 coins are graded by NGC and PF69 or higher.

(Priced at $559, Click here to Buy or View More Info).

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