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September Birthstone: The Sapphire

“Blue stone.” This is what its name means in Greek, and that’s the image we immediately associate with the word “sapphire.” Part of a group of stones known by the name “corundrum,” the sapphire is a favorite among colored gemstones. Sky-like, the blue shades of sapphire range from light and icy to deep and dark. But more than the darkness of the blue, jewelers and jewelry buyers alike prize the intensity and strength of the stone’s color. And it isn’t only sapphire’s color that is so strong, sapphires also rank high in physical strength and durability. With a hardness rating of nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, they are second in strength only to the diamond.

Biblical Significance Of Sapphire.

Like many of the gems in the birthstone family, sapphire was well known in Biblical times. Sapphire represented one of the twelve tribes of Israel and in the book of Exodus, sapphire adorns the breastplates of the priests serving in the temple. Like the other gems it also appears in Revelation, as one of the stones covering the walls of the New Jerusalem.

But sapphire gets a few special mentions throughout the Bible as well. In Exodus 24:10, sapphire is the very stone that God stands upon when he communes with Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the seventy elders. As it says, “and they saw the God of Israel. There was under his feet as it were a pavement of sapphire stone, like the very heaven for clearness.” Job mentions sapphire, noting that even a stone of such worth cannot be used to compare to the value of wisdom. Ezekiel’s visions featured an expanse of sapphire spread out over the heads of cherubim. Throughout the Biblical text, sapphire is used as a symbol of great value and beauty.

Interesting fact: the sapphires we’ve featured here exhibit the traditional, deep-blue shade most people associate with the sapphire, but actually, stones of the corundrum family come in every color. The red variety, which has been colored by chrome, is distinguished as the ruby.

According to the International Colored Gemstone Association, “A blue sapphire fits in best with a well balanced lifestyle in which reliability and temperament run together and there is always a readiness to encounter things new – as with the woman who wears it.” What do you think? Are you and sapphire a match?

Our Most Special Sapphire Jewelry For That September Birthday:

3.15 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver. 63 sapphires and 20 diamonds come together to create a shocking and sparkling blue pendant you can’t live without. Set in sterling silver, this antique-styled pendant is certain to delight and charm you for years to come. Comes with 18” sterling silver chain.

Sapphire Gemstone Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold. Let that sassy sapphire speak for itself! In this stunning solitaire ring, the sapphire is featured in all of its sky-blue splendor. This ring also allows you to customize—select white or yellow gold for your setting, and then choose your stone size (0.4-1.20 carats). Not enough blue for you? Pair with a set of Solitaire Sapphire Stud Earrings.

2.31 Carat Emerald-Cut Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold. A favorite among sapphire lovers, these emerald cut earrings highlight the depth and intensity of the blue sapphire. Accented by two round diamonds, they encompass elegance and class.


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