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Stunning Floral Wedding Bands

floral-wedding-bands-hand-carved-white-gold-bandWith Spring’s warm weather comes one of nature’s most stunning gifts – flowers. The delicate, otherworldly blossoms spring from the barren ground each year symbolizing renewal, hope and beauty in nature. The symbolic connotations of the beautiful flower make it the ideal symbol for a wedding band design. What else is a lifelong union but the beauty of sharing lives, hope for a happy future, and the unspoken daily renewal and fulfillment of your treasured wedding day vows?

Even for those who aren’t big fans of symbolism, flowers simply make beautiful wedding band designs. They’re feminine yet architectural, and are the designs subtle enough that they look abstract from a distance. If you’re not yet convinced on the virtues of floral designs, check out some of our favorite floral wedding bands below, and prepare to fall head over heals:


Floral Vine Design White Gold Wedding Band

The combination of vines and flowers create a textured composition of ethereal swirls that lend this ring a lovely feminine quality. It’s perfect for women who want a ladylike wedding band without gemstones that still has a unique touch,  setting it apart from the plain white gold band.

Two Tone Floral Design Gold Wedding Band

For women who love the above design but want an extra visual kick, the two tone floral wedding band is the perfect pick. Yellow and white gold create a beautiful juxtaposition between the ornate floral yellow gold and the clean, simple white gold border.

We also love a similar version of the two tone band that has the white and yellow gold reversed. The yellow gold border has a flattering, warming effect against the skin tone that many women prefer.

Intricate Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band

Finely crafted with exquisite detail, this white gold ring is covered in an elaborate floral design (pictured at top). By eliminating the vines and leafs, the ring focuses solely on floral beauty. The result is a simplified version that still has the kick to set it apart from other wedding bands.floral-wedding-band-hand-carved-ring

Modern Hand Carved Floral Wedding Band

As the name implies, this solid 14K white gold wedding band is carved by hand. Unlike the previous designs, the band has an abstract quality that makes it strikingly modern. Instead of looking frilly, the floral design projects a modern and bold – perfect for women who love a unique look.

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