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Summery Gemstone Rings: Citrine and Pink topaz Picks

Tension Set Pink Topaz Solitaire RingHappy summer! The warmest months of the year are officially here, and what better time than the present to wear pieces of jewelry that capture golden rays of sunshine and the brilliant hues of the flowers that bask in its glow? Pink topaz styles and citrine rings are the perfect pieces for the season, and their vibrant sparkle is sure to make even the sunniest day even brighter.

Pink topaz rings are undeniably feminine and impossible to ignore. With a hue that calls to mind the most vibrant of summer blossoms, this striking gemstone takes the color of girlhood fantasies and renders it completely sophisticated, perfect for modern women with bold style.

The Tension Set Pink Topaz Solitaire Ring gives this modern gemstone a bit of contemporary edge. While the setting that holds this ring’s main attraction—a 6.5mm round pink topaz—isn’t complicated, its striking shape sets it apart. This gleaming 14K white gold tension setting hugs the gemstone on the top and bottom, seeming to suspend it in midair in a cool dose of modern flair.

06-23-2013For many women, summer is a time to make slightly bolder style statements than they do the rest of the year. It that’s your style strategy for the season, don’t pass by the 7.00 Carat Emerald Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Ring! This attention-grabbing design features the largest pink topaz of any of Apples of Gold’s gemstone rings: a 7-carat emerald-cut stone a full 12 centimeters high. This can’t-miss-it stone is upheld in glamorous fashion by two rows of channel-set diamonds.

With a name that comes from the French word for lemon, it’s not surprising that citrine has a bright yellow sparkle. Although the golden hue of this gem is actually a result of the presence of iron, its appearance could easily lead you to believe that this glow is caused by captured sunshine. This overwhelmingly warm glimmer makes citrine rings the perfect picks for summer.

Victorian Floral Oval Citrine Ring in 14K White GoldThe Victorian Floral Oval Citrine Ring in 14K White Gold gives a golden pop of color to a time-honored style. An oval-shaped citrine is the centerpiece of this antique-inspired ring; it’s set in a lavishly-engraved antique-style setting that calls to mind the feminine patterns of the Victorian Era. This ring is a perfect example of the way that a modern, summery gemstone can make an old style look fresh.

If you’d prefer a citrine style that’s 100 percent modern, don’t miss the Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring! This cool, geometric style proudly showcases a 0.75-carat trillion-cut citrine; this triangular-shaped gemstone is accented in asymmetrical fashion by four small round diamonds, three on one side and one on the other. This fun, sassy style may be grown up, but it never forgot how to play.

Trillion-Cut Citrine and Diamond Ring

This summer, why not add a pink topaz or citrine ring to your look this summer? These brilliantly-sparkling gemstone rings will make any sunny day even brighter and will add a pop of color in the middle of a summer rain.

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