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Tahitian Black Pearl Pendants

Tahitian black pearl luciana pendantBlack Tahitian pearls are among the rarest, most beautiful pearls in the world. It takes years for an oyster to produce just one stunning black pearl and, due to the delicate nature of the oysters, not every oyster will be able to produce a Tahitian pearl.  Coveted for their exquisite beauty and large size, Tahitian black pearls are some of the most striking gemstones available for use in jewelry.  We’ve highlighted some of our favorite rings, earrings and pearl strand necklaces so far, but have yet to show off our new collection of Tahitian black pearl pendants.

Tahitian black pearl necklaces are undoubtedly lovely and rare, yet the downside is that they can cost a pretty penny. For women who have fallen in love with the unique allure of black Tahitian pearls, a black pearl necklace pendant is a less costly alternative to owning a black pearl strand necklace. Black Tahitian pearl pendants have the added benefit of showcasing one nearly perfect pearl specimen, which stands out on its own with no chance of getting lost among the other pearls in a traditionally strung Tahitian Black Pearl Kiss Pendantnecklace. The effect is quite striking, as a black Tahitian pearl has the ability to draw the eye directly to its luminescent orb for admiration of its beauty.

In our opinion, one of the only gemstones that rivals the rare Tahitian black pearl is a diamond.  And there are few combinations more stunning than diamonds and pearls used together in the same piece of jewelry. For a truly exquisite gift, our black Tahitian pearl and diamond necklace pendants are a delicious choice.  Set in 14K solid white gold, each pendant features the artistry of swirling white gold accented by pave diamonds and set with a single, massive black Tahitian pearl.

Our favorites include the sensual Tahitian pearl and diamond kiss pendant (at right), the contemporary Tahitian pearl and diamond Luciana pendant (at top) and the classic Tahitian pearl and diamond crescent pendant. All unique and lovely, waiting to be gifted to that special someone who only deserves the best.

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