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Show Your Love With Tahitian Black Pearls

According to Polynesian legend, the first black pearl oyster was given as a gift from Ono, god of peace and fertility, to the lovely princess of Bora Bora to show his eternal love and affection. Thanks to this beautiful romantic legend, Tahitian black pearls are considered a symbol of love. Along with their romantic connotations, Tahitian black pearls are incredibly rare and hard to culture. This further increases their value and makes them an exceptional gift for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day. Tahitian black pearls are the ideal choice for women who love jewelry but do not particularly like other popular Valentine’s Day options (such as heart-shaped jewelry or pink jewelry).

Apples of Gold is excited to offer our customers a beautiful selection of Tahitian black pearl jewelry. These gorgeous pearls make the perfect Valentine’s Day present, birthday present or holiday gift. Our Tahitian black pearl jewelry selection includes stunning rings, necklaces and earrings to choose from. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites below, all of which are great Valentine’s Day picks.

Tahitian Black Pearl and Diamond Ring

This bold, beautiful ring (seen at top) pops with a massive 10mm naturally cultured Tahitian black pearl set atop a white gold band. Thirty six small diamonds are encrusted in the solid white gold band for a sparkling backdrop against the gorgeous black pearl. This ring is a classic alternative to a cocktail ring; it’s big enough to make a statement but isn’t  overpowering and can be worn daily if desired.

Natural Black Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Drop Pendant

Our Tahitian black pearl pendant necklace hangs delicately from a 14k white gold necklace. The exceptionally high quality pearl dangles from a white gold and diamond encrusted pendant that is vintage in design, making it a delightful choice for women who appreciate an enduring romantic style.

Natural Tahitian Round Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings

black-pearl-earringsLovely dangling black pearl earrings look gorgeous when framing a woman’s face, and these beauties are no exception. Two large natural Tahitian pearls hang from solid white gold dangle posts and are topped with a contemporary diamond encrusted design. These black pearl earrings are just as versatile as the ring and be worn every day as well as for special occasions. For pink lovers, this pretty design also comes adorned with pink pearls.
If you haven’t found the perfect gift from our picks, check out our full selection of stunning pearl jewelry.

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