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The Acrostic Diamond Icthus Pendant

icthus-pendantApples of Gold’s fashion-conscious Diamond Icthus Pendant in White Gold is a perfect way to express your faith in Jesus Christ–without giving up your sense 0f style.

The icthus is an acrostic symbol that early Christians used to covertly identify themselves in the face of Roman persecution.

When two Christians met, one may draw half of the arc of the fish on the ground with a stick and the other believer would complete it.

The icthus, or Greek for fish, is an acrostic symbol, which in Greek is spelled, “ICQUS” or “ICTUS” (translated):

I = Iesous (Jesus)

C = Christos (Christ)

T = Theou (God)

U = Uiou (Son)

S= Soter (Savior)

Set with 32 diamonds equaling 0.10 carats of white diamonds, the pendant hangs from an 18″ white gold chain. Makes the perfect gift.

Display proudly today what was once swathed in secrecy.

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