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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A gorgeous rose gold engagement ring will take her breath away.

Ah, the holidays. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s always conjure up images of family, friends, warm fires, eggnog, and… engagements. Yes, you heard right, engagements – and not the type that signify a set meeting, the type that result in a sparkling diamond placed on the left ring finger. With all the other engagements – office parties, family parties, ski trips and holiday shopping – it’s a wonder that people have any time to think about getting engaged during the holidays. Yet, December is by far the most popular month of the year for couples to get engaged. If you are considering popping the question this holiday season, here are some great ideas on how to make it the most wonderful time of her year:

1. The At-Home Sneak Attack

This proposal involves showing up during the holidays unannounced (though previously coordinated with her roommate, relatives or parents – wherever she will be staying) and dropping to one knee in a sweeping romantic gesture to express your love and ask her to marry you.

Why It Works: This proposal has a fantastic element of surprise, so she will love it if she enjoys surprises. Also, the parents or relatives will enjoy being in on the plan with you, and will love that you included them in the engagement.

Potential Drawbacks: Keeping this proposal a secret requires a lot of careful planning and coordination, as well as stealthy accomplices (don’t try this with relatives that can’t keep a secret!).

2. The Faux Holiday Party

Plan a holiday party and invite all of your friends and local family. However, do not tell your girlfriend that it is your party. Instead, pretend that you have to attend an office cocktail party and ask her to accompany you as your date. Make dinner reservations at her favorite nice restaurant beforehand, and either propose during dinner or take her somewhere special and propose just after the meal (a beautiful park or other meaningful place for the two of you is a good choice). Once she says yes, take her to the “office holiday party” and surprise her with a big gathering of all your favorite people to celebrate the happy news with.

Why It Works: It combines both the element of an intimate, romantic proposal with a big celebration of friends and family.

Potential Drawbacks: If the first method required a few stealthy accomplices, this one involves even more people who have to keep your secret.

3. The Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Send your future wife on a trip down memory lane through the city you live in. This works best when presented as a regular gift: wrap up the first clue in a small box tied with a bow, and present it to her as if it’s her holiday present. When she unwraps the first clue, explain that you have created a series of clues that will lead her to her gift.

Enlist the help of one of her friends or a sister who is clued into the real reason behind the scavenger hunt to lead her along her way and help with the clues. Have the friend hand her a new one of your clues once she arrives at the correct location. On the clue, write a romantic reason why you chose that particular place as a stop in her scavenger hunt. Choose places like your favorite coffee spot, first date restaurant, best dessert place, and favorite stores. Wait for her at the final clue location with another box that holds the engagement ring inside, and make her dreams come true. This is one gift she will definitely never forget.

Why It Works: She will adore all of the thought and hard work put into picking locations and writing clues.

Potential Drawbacks: With such an elaborate plan, she might figure out that this is much more than a regular holiday gift before you pull out the ring.

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