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Trinity Knot Wedding Bands: Three Layers of Symbolism

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band, Two-tone GoldThere’s a lot more to trinity knot wedding bands than an eye-catching design! The three-loop emblem that adorns these rings, also known as the triqeutra, is rich with symbolism, and there are multiple ways to interpret it. Let’s take a look at three.

The three loops represent the three persons of the Trinity. Not surprisingly, this is the interpretation from which the trinity knot gets its name. The three interlocking loops symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, distinct yet unified. Thus, wedding bands that feature it are symbols not only of love but also of faith.

Trinity Knot Engraved Titanium BandThe Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band in 14K Two-Tone Gold is an eye-catching example of this faith-filled symbol. A repeating three-dimensional Celtic knot motif of 14K yellow gold wraps around this ring, rising above contrasting edges of gleaming white gold.

The Trinity Knot Engraved Titanium Band has a very different look, but it conveys the same message. This sleek style is modern and meaningful as simple trinity knot motifs are engraved on a flat titanium band.

Celtic Triquetra Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold

The three loops represent the bond between husband, wife and Creator. When two people seek God together, they get closer to each other as well as to Him, and a truly special bond is created. Trinity knot wedding bands like the Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold can serve as a celebration of the connection you share with your spouse as you live out your faith together. This airy style eschews a solid backdrop in favor of allowing the wearer’s finger to show through the groups of three loops that comprise it. Crafted from polished 14K white gold, this ring is elegant as well as meaningful.

The knot represents eternity. As is the case with nearly any Celtic knot, the never-ending nature of the Trinity knot is a symbol of something eternal, and when it’s used to adorn a wedding band, it becomes an emblem of love that never runs out. The Celtic Triquetra Knot Wedding Band Ring in 14K White Gold pairs a single Trinity knot with a timeless Celtic woven motif; an antiqued finish makes the gleaming lines of this design stand out.

Celtic Trinity Knot Wedding Band Ring - 14K White GoldTrinity knot wedding bands feature far more than timeless designs. They’re also excellent ways to celebrate the role of faith in your love, your bond with your spouse and your Creator or simply the eternal nature of your love.

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