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Vexing Vintage Engagement Rings

vintage-flower-diamond-ringThere’s something incredibly appealing about vintage jewelry. The bygone eras of intricate craftsmanship created beautiful designs that still enchant the stylish modern woman. One of the most popular types of vintage jewelry is the vintage engagement ring. The delicate swirls and filigree Victorian patterns evoke a beautiful, romantic time when love was expressed with a single stolen glance, and a kiss on the lips was the ultimate seal of devotion. Sweeping gestures, aching love letters and binding love characterized the era, which is likely why vintage jewelry has such an intensely romantic connotation.

Though many brides-to-be desire a true vintage engagement ring, an authentic vintage piece can be costly and hard to come by. The notion of happening upon the ideal vintage ring seems glamorous and romantic, but the reality is that searching through flea markets, websites and antique dealer stock can be exhausting. In the end, finding the perfect vintage engagement ring can be incredibly difficult.

The Vintage Style Engagement Ring

For brides who love the intricate design of vintage rings but aren’t set on purchasing an original, antique style engagement rings are a brilliant alternative. Using Victorian designs and intricate craftsmanship, vintage-inspired engagement rings have the same timeless allure without the hassle and price of a true period piece.  To mimic the look of a true vintage ring, Apples of Gold avoids rhodium plating our Victorian-style white gold rings to retain an authentic period look. Rhodium plating naturally wears off of white gold over time, which is why this special touch makes our vintage engagement rings that much better.

Our Favorite Vintage Engagement Ring Styles

Victorian-era engagement rings were usually characterized by their intricate filigree patterns and a smaller, modest diamond. The traditionally smaller size of the diamond enables the vintage rings to look just as they would over a century ago, and also makes them an affordable option for stylish couples on a budget. Here are two vintage engagement rings we love:

¼ Carat Vintage Flower Diamond Ring

This floral-embedded beauty (shown at top) is vintage perfection. The delicate filigree pattern has a whimsical nod to nature in its design that is ideal for nature lovers. vintage-engagement-ring-2

¼ Carat Vintage Filigree Diamond Ring

Less girly than the above design, this vintage vixen (at right) is just as art-deco as it is Victorian. Geometric shapes and intricate patterns create a truly stunning, unique engagement ring. It has all of beauty of vintage at a truly reasonable price.

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