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What are Chocolate Pearls?

chocolate-pearlsThere are several types of chocolate pearls: black Tahitian pearls which have been bleached chocolate, and natural freshwater white pearls which have been permanently dyed to obtain their warm, lustrous chocolate color.

In nature, pearl colors are produced by organic components between the calcium carbonate platelets (shells) of which pearl nacre is made.

In the bleaching process of Tahitian pearls, these organic components are altered during treatment, resulting in the “chocolate” colors.

chocolate-pearl-strandThe second known method is the dying and permanent staining of white, natural, freshwater pearls, to obtain the desire chocolate color. This method uses a silver nitrate dyeing process. Most chocolate pearls on the market today utilize the dying process to create some very beautiful looking chocolate pearl jewelry at a price most can afford!

Featured Pearls:

Freshwater Chocolate Pearl Earrings in 14K Gold (shown top)

Chocolate Pearl Strand Necklace in 14K Gold (shown right)

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