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White Gold Cross Pendants

Cross pendants date back to 1000 AD and were worn by believers as an announcement of their faith.  In those days, cross pendants were still the most popular forms of Christian jewelry.  Christians felt connected to cross pendants not only as a way to display faith, but more so as a way to feel an emotional connection to their beliefs throughout everyday life.

Today, cross pendants come in amazing designs from discrete to bold, symbolizing more than just a statement–but a way of life.  Apples of Golf Jewelry has a wonderful collection of white gold cross pendants that range from bold to minimal giving the wearer a spiritual connection befitting their style.

For a simple yet traditional statement this 14K White Gold Cross Pendant is carved from a single piece of white gold and plainly polished.  Simple and minimal the message is clear and it draws the eye directly to a high quality piece of jewelry that can be worn with any style.  This white gold pendant is available in yellow gold, 18k white gold, platinum, or embedded with diamonds.

Cross of Nails Cross Pendant, 14K White Gold

A bolder and popular white gold cross pendant design is this Cross of Nails Cross Pendant.  Three 14K white gold nails are tied together with 14K white gold rope creating a cross design with elegant details and artistic flair.  Measuring at 1 3/16 inches tall and 3/4 inches wide, this white gold pendant is a symbol of faith and a bold declaration of sacrifice. Also available in yellow gold.

One of my favorite white gold pendants from Apples of Gold is the 14k White Gold Harmony Diamond Cross Pendant (below).  The design of the cross is revolutionary and artistic as two white gold pieces curve beautifully together and are connected with a 0.04 carat solitaire diamond.  This architecturally pleasing version of the cross uses a stunning diamond in the center of two elegantly draped white gold bars to represent the love and light of God.  The entire pendant gives off an aura of balance and harmony complemented by a white gold 18 inch chain, which is also available in other lengths.  The Harmony Cross Pendant is also available in 14k yellow gold.

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