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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Wedding Bands for Men and Women is honored to prove to you that our jewelry is made with the promise of quality, design, value, and price. Whether you are looking for a more modern look or a vintage-style band, Apples of Gold wedding bands for men and women will impress you with their durability and readiness to live up to the demands of your active lifestyle.

Quality: Apples of Gold wedding bands are designed to last: the metals are neither lightweight or flimsy. The bands offered are made from the strongest and best quality precious metals with the finest gems and stones, offering you and your spouse-to-be heirloom quality wedding bands that will last a lifetime!

Metals: Choosing a metal for your band is the most crucial decision when selecting a band and you want one that will match your personality and lifestyle. Apples of Gold is proud of the strong, quality metals it offers. From traditional yellow gold to luxurious platinum, modern white gold to indestructible titanium, Apples of Gold has the metal that's right for you. We also love interesting two-tone and tricolor combinations! All of our gold wedding bands are also available in 18k gold or platinum by request. Simply ask!

Diamonds: The stones found in our wedding band selection meet the highest standards for quality and clarity. Apples of Gold offers an array of stunning diamonds and colored gemstones that range in a variety of prices and styles. While not all wedding bands feature a stone, men and women like the option to put a little extra sparkle on their band. Apples of Gold's gems are chosen and listed according to industry criteria of cut, clarity, color, carat weight, and certification.

Ethical pricing: While our wedding bands stand up to any competitor's selection in quality, Apples of Gold wedding bands are available at a much more agreeable and ethical price. As we maintain the same or greater quality, selection and design as other jewelers, the main difference is the price. While there's more to a wedding band than the price, we know that this is an important part of a couple's decision.

We're thrilled to delight you with our selection and wow you with the quality of our wedding jewelry. Take a browse through our product pages and discover why Apples of Gold has become the premier online jeweler!