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Emerald Silver Jewelry

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Silver Emerald Jewelry

Conjuring images of the storied Emerald Isle, with hills awash with vibrant green under the sharp blue of a summer sky, emeralds speak strongly of natural beauty and a hint of magic. The land of shamrocks and rainbows may not be the actual home of the gemstone we call emerald, Ireland surely captures the spirit of the stone. From a dazzling cushion cut emerald refracting light with an almost supernatural brilliance to a rough cut stone more at home in a rustic or Celtic setting, the emerald will suit any personality when wreathed in silver. Silver emerald jewelry is evocative of Irish myth and legend, acutely feminine with a fairy grace. Read more.

In Rabbinical tradition, one of the four precious gems given to King Solomon by God Himself was the emerald, believed to sharpen the wits and wisdom. Prized since antiquity and beloved of the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra, emeralds evoke a rich and enchanted depth. Silver emerald jewelry appeals to the romantic, declaring your beloved an extraordinary beauty. Perhaps she is fascinated by Ireland and all its lush green hillsides or maybe she longs for the mystical pyramids of Ghiza and fancies herself a modern day Queen of the Nile—either way, she’ll be entranced by the gift of silver emerald jewelry.

Glamorous celebrities and fashion icons from Elizabeth Taylor to Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham have been photographed wearing silver emerald jewelry for red carpet appearances. Throughout history, rarefied beauties have chosen the flattering nature of the saturated green gem set simply or encrusted with diamonds, reaffirming the fact that silver emerald jewelry enhances the loveliness of any lady. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets of emeralds have a royal quality, special with the velvety greenness unique to that jewel. Whether your beloved is an Irish lass at heart or wants to follow in the footsteps of jewelry icon Elizabeth Taylor, silver emerald jewelry is the perfect choice.

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