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Emerald Silver Rings

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Silver Emerald Rings

A richly saturated green that is the very essence of springtime. While rough winds might shake the darling buds of May, as Mr. Shakespeare attested, emeralds are as imperishable as your love. If your darling was born in May, the lush verdant green of the emerald is her birthstone. Silver emerald rings are a gorgeous tribute to your May beloved, or to the mother of your own May baby. Originally mined in Egypt, most polished emeralds now come from Colombia and are the most prized gemstones of the beryl family that also includes aquamarine. Read more.

Like the rich iridescent green of a peacock feather, an emerald will capture the eye and imagination the wearer. If she has green eyes or a May birthday or simply favors the earthy springtime hue, a silver emerald ring is the only gift special enough to take her breath away. Her favorite sundress is bright green, or her Volkswagon Beetle was lime green when she was in college. She adores the scene in Gone with the Wind when Scarlett makes a green velvet gown of the plantation curtains…and emeralds remind her both of that classic heroine and her own resourcefulness. A silver emerald ring is the height of thoughtfulness…more original than a diamond, more personal than pearls. She will know you didn’t choose a generic female present but searched to find the gift exactly right for her—feminine and joyous as a May morning.

Emeralds are also the traditional gift for the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries. Whether chosen as a ring for your anniversary wedding vow renewal or as a lovely tribute after decades together, a silver emerald ring is a romantic present for your beautiful bride. Ranging from bluish-green to a pure jungle green, emeralds are precious stones worth choosing for your precious love.

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