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Woven Wedding Rings

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Are you looking for a wedding ring that features both a beautiful design and an extra touch of meaning? Consider one of the pieces in Apple of Gold’s collection of woven wedding bands! These intertwining and braided styles are a picture of the interweaving of two lives in a marriage. Read more.

When two or more strands are woven together, the resulting cord is stronger than any one strand could be on its own. King Solomon described this, saying that “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Wedding bands with woven designs represent the beauty and strength of two lives walking through life in unity.

Woven designs crafted from solid 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold make it hard to see where one strand ends and another begins, illustrating the blending of hearts so that they beat as one. Show that the two of you are connected in gold styles ranging from simple to ornate.

Many of Apples of Gold’s woven wedding bands utilize two or more metals giving the designs that encircle them eye-catching contrast. Just as two colors of metal can complement one another even though they’re different, these rings celebrate the way you and the person you love complement each other.

Tri-color woven wedding bands coordinate with any jewelry, but they can also serve as reminders of true nature of a marriage in which faith is central. When two people are joined together in the Lord, a “three-strand cord” is formed that continually draws a husband and wife closer to each other and to their creator.

Diamond accents add an extra dose of glamour to several woven wedding bands. These rings are gorgeous reminders that your love is something truly precious.

Platinum woven wedding rings are another excellent way to symbolize that your love is of incredible value. Platinum is 30 times less common than gold and has a cool, stunning luster; jewelry crafted from this rare metal is considered by many to be the ultimate in luxury. By wearing a band crafted of this metal that depicts your relationship, you can demonstrate that your love is of the highest value—a rare and cherished treasure.

Whether you chose them for their style or their significance, woven wedding bands are ideal options for many of today’s couples. Consider one of these rings to make a statement, not only about your fashion sense, but also about the love you share.

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