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Pink Topaz: Sunset Tones in View

pave-diamond-criss-cross-pink-topaz-ring-RXP-11R-1582PTCPave Diamond Criss-Cross Pink Topaz Halo Ring

This eye-catching show stopper is not for the faint of heart! A pop of color that resembles the sunset infuses the semiprecious gemstone in our Pave Diamond Criss-Cross Pink Topaz Halo Ring. Two unique criss-crossing bands of 14K white gold dazzling with dozens of small, glittering diamonds intersect not once, but twice; once under the exquisite stone and once at the bottom of the band. Diamonds encircle the 8mm round pink topaz making the bold, feminine stone stand out in flaming glory. A ring to bedazzle the eye!

5 Carat Emerald-Cut Pink Topaz Baguette Diamond Ring, 14K White Gold

5-carat-emerald-cut-pink-topaz-and-baguette-diamond-ring-AOGRG-1-PTCPositively pink, this delightful 5 Carat Emerald-Cut Pink Topaz and Baguette Diamond Ring is a colorful signature piece, shouting out your personality and enchanting your friends. Start the conversation with a wave of your hand as the unique stunning center stone sparkles and shines. Who could resist this elegant ring with its two baguette cut diamonds playing second fiddle?

Like the sky at sunset, the color dazzles on the hand, bold and clear. Set in 14K white gold, the retro-shaped emerald cut has steps on the face of the stone where light plays and fiery fuchsia fascinates. Beauty from the get-go.

Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Ring, 14K Gold

heart-shaped-pink-topaz-ring-14k-gold-SPR7877PZCOh, my, how this ring captures the imagination! The Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Ring in 14K Gold is both romantic and merry, showing off your fantastic sense of style.

Of course, given as a statement of love, what could be a more convincing communication?

Set in 14K yellow gold, the playful heart-shaped pink topaz stone is 10mm x 10mm, a large stone with a huge message. The brightly hued stone is held by a contemporary setting of sweeping gold embracing the topaz gemstone and sporting five round accent diamonds on the top of the heart shape. Not for the timid, this ring is a piece of passion you can wear on your hand!

marquise-cut-pink-topaz-and-diamond-halo-ring-AOGRG-125PTCMarquise Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold

The Marquise-Cut Pink Topaz and Diamond Halo Ring is set in 14K white gold, a lovely contrast between the white of the gold band and the diamonds against the spectacular sunset pink of the semiprecious gemstone. Full of fun and flirtatious, this ring is a delight to see and to wear.

Utterly surrounded by colorless white diamonds in a halo around the topaz and also across the top of the band, this is a ring that states an opinion and sticks to it. There are a total of 28 small diamonds to offset the 5mm x 10mm pink topaz stone, for a total diamond weight of 0.28 carats.

Its interesting shape and brilliant color make this a piece that will be the center of your collection!


Pink Topaz and Black Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold

SPR8442BDPZCElegant and brave is the combination of pink and black that make this diamond and gemstone ring a standout. Deep pink topaz in a single oval stone contrasts sharply with the black diamonds that grace the 10K white gold band.

With a large pink topaz that measures 9mm x 7mm, this lavish ring brings vivid color to the five small black diamonds on each side. A total of ten elegant black diamonds and a deep pink topaz make this ring truly unique and breathtaking. Prepare for compliments!

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