Vintage Diamond Bridal Sets to Celebrate Ageless Love 

03-26-2013 vintage bridal setTrue love never grows old—it only grows better! That’s why engagement rings and wedding bands in styles that have already proven that they can stand the test of time are perfect picks for celebrating the bond that you share with your one special someone. Diamond bridal sets that are inspired by times past are the perfect celebrations of a love that only grows as the decades go by.

Vintage Flower 1/4 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring SetThe Vintage Flower 1/4 Carat Diamond Wedding Ring Set is adorned with flowers that will never fail to bloom. This unique engagement and wedding ring set features a bouquet’s worth of meticulously-carved flowers, all perfectly placed upon an airy foundation of 14K white gold. The engagement ring in this set is highlighted by a quarter-carat round diamond that’s surrounded by a gleaming framework of openwork and floral motifs. The coordinating slender wedding band is adorned with similar motifs and curves alongside its partner in perfect harmony. This pair is a lovely way to celebrate love that is always blossoming.

3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring SetThe 3/4 Carat Art Deco Diamond Wedding Ring Set captures the style of the 1920s with dozens of glittering diamonds. The center stone of this pair’s engagement ring is a timeless round stone, slightly over a quarter carat in weight; while this diamond has plenty of sparkle on its own, it’s far from the only source of glimmer in this set. Two concentric frames of smaller round diamonds surround this center stone, forming square-shaped borders with rounded edges that extends that extends the appearance of these rings’ spotlight gem. The bands of the both the engagement ring and the wedding band are studded with additional round diamonds, adding the perfect finishing touch to a look that’s both glamorous and timeless. It would have been just as at home on the left hand of an old Hollywood star as it is on the left hand of any modern sophisticated bride.

No stone captures lasting love quite like a diamond: as the hardest of gemstones it displays a perpetual brilliance that serves as a fitting symbol of lasting love. Vintage bridal ring sets that are overflowing with diamonds amplify this symbolism as they combine time-tested styles with the most resilient and beautiful of gemstones.

1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal SetThe 1.69 Carat Antique Style Diamond Bridal Set is a stunning example of a vintage pair that’s lavished with diamonds. Over 160 diamonds glitter from this dazzling engagement ring and wedding band set. A third-carat round diamond rises from the engagement ring, presiding over two diamond-studded bands. Channel-set stones cover every visible side of these bands, divided into rows by delicate beaded edges. This set sparkles from every side, and serves as a lifelong reminder that your love is beautiful no matter how you look at it.

The Victorian Era and the Art Deco period are alive and well in these gorgeous diamond bridal sets, and their enduring beauty is the perfect way to celebrate your lasting love. These vintage engagement and wedding ring sets will never grow old—just like your love.

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