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And I Will Make You Fishers of Men…The Christian Ichthus Ring

With these words, Christ called his disciples to follow him. But following Christ involved more than an invitation—there was a charge. Christ’s followers would become fishers of men—they would go out into the world to spread the Gospel message, and gather the lost souls of the world like fish.

Ichthus is the Greek word for ‘fish.’ It was an important symbol for the early church, when believers suffered heavy persecution. It allowed them to covertly communicate their Christian identity to one another.

Today the Ichthus symbol helps us remember our own calling—to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fish sign can also be a reminder to pray for the persecuted church—there are still thousands of Christians around the world that cannot worship freely without fear of persecution, imprisonment, and even martyrdom.

Celebrate Christ’s own willingness to suffer persecution for the salvation of his people this Easter. This ring is an attractive and meaningful symbol of calling and sacrifice—ideal for a graduate, a missionary, or someone going into ministry.

The Christian Ichthus Ring is also available in 14k white gold and 14k rose gold.

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