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Caring For Your Gemstone Jewelry

Your gemstone jewelry pieces are not only treasured mementos, they are investments and heirlooms—keep them beautiful and intact for years—even generations—to come, by following a few simple steps.

Know your stones:
Given the monetary and sentimental value of your jewelry, it’s worth your time to learn a little about the stones you own. Apples of Gold wants you to be an educated consumer and an educated owner. Not all stones are created equal. Knowing your gems and how to take care of them will help you to make them last.

To Wear or Not to Wear:
Of all the gemstones you own, the one you are most likely to wear in all circumstances is your wedding ring. Though diamonds are known for their durability, they are not indestructible. Therefore, you should remove your gemstone jewelry (including your wedding ring) when playing sports, working in the garden, when doing home construction projects, and when housecleaning. This will help minimize scratches, keep settings intact, and keep your gems free of sweat, dirt, and potentially damaging chemicals. Designate a safe place to store your ring and other gems—the edge of the bathroom sink or your gym bag might not be the safest places.

When cleaning gemstones, no special jewelry cleaners or chemicals are required, nor are they recommended. A gentle soap such as you would use for face or hands is sufficient. Take two small bowls filled with slightly warm water. In the first bowl, mix in a few drops of gentle soap. Take the pieces, one by one, and swish them through the water, letting them soak a few minutes if necessary. You may use a very soft toothbrush (such as one made for a child) to gently clean around the stones, but take care not to scrub the stone or the setting, which is more susceptible to scratches. Dip into the bowl of clean water and dry thoroughly with a soft towel.

Porous stones such as pearls, opals, and turquoise should not be submerged in water. Clean and buff them with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Use a mild soap (such as for sensitive skin) only if necessary.

When cleaning pieces of jewelry that contain more than one gem, you will want to follow the method for the most delicate gem. For example, if your piece contains both diamond and pearl, clean according to the instructions for pearls, as pearls are the more delicate of the stones.

Other Helpful Products:
As we mentioned above, cleaning chemicals are not recommended for cleaning gemstones despite claims on the package. Save your money (and your gems) by keeping the cleaning process as simple as possible (see above). In addition to a non-abrasive cloth and a child’s soft toothbrush, there are a few inexpensive products that can help you keep your gems looking fabulous.

Ring Bowl/Ring Tree. Placing a ring bowl or ring tree by your kitchen sink or laundry wash tub can save your jewelry in more ways than one. In addition to keeping your jewels away from potentially harsh, damaging chemicals, a ring holder also protects them from drowning in the drain—saving you a costly call to the plumber. When it’s time to do the dishes, remove rings and bracelets and place into your ring bowl—at a safe distance from the sink.

Cushioned boxes. While we loved our grandmothers’ jewelry boxes overflowing with necklaces and bracelets, the jumble method is hard on the gems. Keep your gemstones and settings free of scratches by storing in small separate boxes. Save the boxes your jewelry came in or wrap the gemstones separately in small pieces of soft cloth and store in a safe place. Take them out to wear and then replace.

Do you have specific questions about your Apples of Gold jewelry and how to keep it looking beautiful? Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service staff for expert jewelry care advice.

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