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Bridology – Wedding Guide

wedding-cupcakeThe parent company of Apples of Gold Jewelry has launched a new wedding guide, blog, and directory with full of expert advice and wedding articles related to fashion, wedding favors, gifts, wedding invitations, and more.

The name of the site is

With a unique, fashionable perspective on wedding fashions and the wedding industry, Bridology has hired one of the pre-eminent writers of fashion & style, Yelena Jenkins, whose work can be seen on Apples of Gold, eHow, Shopoholica and many more preeminent fashion related websites.

Features include a list of quality internet wedding vendors, active blog posts on the latest wedding fashions and necessities, as well as frequent postings on Wedding Fashions, Wedding Favors, affordable and unique Wedding Invitations, and of course, our favorite, Wedding Jewelry.

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