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Unique Gemstone Rings

unique-gemstones-pink-topaz-cocktail-ringWe’ve mentioned the popular cocktail ring trend already, but these cocktail rings come with a twist. In lieu of the usual gemstones such as citrine, sapphire, garnet or rubies, these unique rings are set with some pretty spectacular, lesser-known gemstones including morganite, smokey quartz, green amethyst and pink topaz. The result? A standout cocktail ring that trumps the rest thanks to their unique beauty.  If you haven’t seen many of these gemstones in person, let us preface this article by mentioning that the pictures truly do not do the rings justice. The ethereal, watery hue of green amethyst, the shocking pop of pink topaz and the hazel sparkle of smokey quartz make these unique gemstones something special.

Here are some of our favorite unique gemstone rings for your viewing pleasure. If you ever have the chance, check them out in person – you will not be disappointed.unique-gemstones-green-amethyst-cocktail-ring

Green Amethyst Ring

Green amethyst, like purple amethyst, is a member of the quartz family. One reason we love this gemstone so much is that its whispery green hue goes beautifully with Spring and Summer’s muted pastel color palette. If you love the shade too, consider the whopping 3.1 carat green amethyst ring. Set in white gold and accented with two little rows of diamonds, it’s a sparkling stunner that can be worn day and night.

Pink Topaz Ring

Though topaz is usually thought of as a blue gemstone, it actually comes in a rainbow of colors. Bright pink topaz is created by heat treating natural yellow or orange colored topaz. The resulting hue is a bright, cheery pink that would make Barbie herself proud. We love the emerald cut pink topaz ring (shown at top) set in in solid 14K white gold. The pink topaz is surrounded by a halo of brilliant diamonds that nicely compliment the stone.

unique-gemstones-smokey-quartz-ringSmokey Quartz Ring

Smokey quartz ranges in color from light brown to nearly black. Our favorite hue is the medium to light brown, since the color really reflects light for maximum sparkle. The lighter hued smokey quartz shines in our 1.75 carat oval cut ring set in an etched white gold band.  Diamonds line either side of the smokey quartz center stone to add a little extra pop to the piece.


Morganite Ring

Morganite is so sought-after thanks to its lovely pink hue. Like green amethyst, its quiet tones go well with the muted pastel fashions of Spring and Summer. Vintage lovers will enjoy the design of our morganite and white gold ring, which has intricate floral and filigree patterns on the band.  Read more about morganite and this lovely ring under our jewelry review section.

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