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Apples of Gold Jewelry’s Top Selling Products are now available for sale on Amazon.Com. So if you prefer “Checking Out” at Amazon, have Amazon Gift Certificates, or an Amazon account, you can purchase your favorite Apples of Gold Jewelry items directly on Amazon.

This was an exciting step for Apples of Gold, as not all jewelers are created equal–according to Amazon–and rightly so. In order for jewelers to list items on sale at Amazon, jewelers and their products must be “ungated” for the Amazon jewelry category. In other words, screened and approved by Amazon directly before being allowed to sell on Amazon.

The criterion for listing jewelry on Amazon is “proprietary”, but one can imagine what is required: in order for Amazon to protect its own brand, we can surmise that they take into account a jeweler’s brand, untarnished reputation, and a strict adherence to high quality product lines and customer service. A jeweler must stand above the fold.

In addition to the above metrics, Apples of Gold also qualifies with Amazon’s reputation of “getting a deal” or discount compared to traditional retail prices. Apples of Gold with its value-based pricing methodology fits the Amazon model of value and consistency for high-end quality products.

Apples of Gold’s inherent ethics policy and fine jewelry (Top Sellers) are now available on Amazon for purchase. See an item on Apples of Gold that you isn’t listed on Amazon? Contact us and we’ll have it listed for sale just for you!

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