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Can Titanium Rings Get Scratched?

There is a misconception among consumers shopping for titanium wedding bands that titanium rings cannot be scratched. Although titanium bands are very strong and durable, and difficult to scratch, they can scratch over-time with natural wear and tear. It just takes a lot longer and you have to be a lot harder on your titanium jewelry for it to scratch compared to softer precious metals such as gold or platinum.

In other words, titanium takes much longer to “break in” with scratches and that worn-in look. Although not 100% scratch-resistant, titanium is still the metal of choice for those wanting an exceptionally durable and strong wedding band.

Although titanium is a very hard metal (it is used on aircraft), it can also be scratched by abrasive materials like rocks, sandpaper, and hardened steel tools.

And since titanium’s surface can be breached, much like gold and platinum, titanium wedding rings can also be polished and refinished by your local jeweler to look like new again!

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