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Cash For Gold: How Rising Gold Prices Benefit You!

Why Cash For Gold? Why Now?

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As we’ve mentioned, gold prices are on the rise. And as the value of gold only continues to increase, Apples of Gold has had to adjust jewelry prices to correspond to the direction of the gold market. But the increase works in your favor: we also increase the amount we’re willing to pay for your gold. When global gold prices rise, it’s time to consider selling.

What Is Cash For Gold?

The Apples of Gold Cash For Gold Program is a way for you to earn money for your old gold jewelry. Perhaps you’ve inherited jewelry you’re never going to wear or have other pieces that are broken or no longer in style. These items aren’t doing much more than taking up space in your jewelry box. Have a few gold coins you’ve been hanging onto? Clean out your drawers and make money!

If you have had your eye on a new piece of jewelry but can’t quite afford it or you’re saving up for an engagement ring so you can pop the question, consider a trade. Apples of Gold takes your old gold, and issues you a store credit to apply to the purchase of any new piece within our store.

What We Take

Apples of Gold accepts 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k gold. Yellow gold, white, gold, and rose gold are all acceptable. We also take broken jewelry, chains, and gold coins.

Why Sell Your Gold To Apples of Gold?

Apples of Gold, adhering to its commitment to ethical and fair pricing practices, offers a higher rate than most cash for gold programs. Working with a small, independent jeweler benefits you. While many if the ads you see on TV or the internet appear to be offering more, don’t forget to check the fine print. They may promise a high payout, but only for exceptionally large quantities. Apples of Gold offers you the same rate regardless of the quantity of gold that you send us.

How To Do It

  • Select the pieces of gold that you would like to sell.
  • Fill out our form (click HERE). One form can be used for all of your pieces.
  • Send your pieces to Apples of Gold using a trusted shipping company that allows you to track and insure your package for the full value of the jewelry being sent. Apples of Gold is not responsible for jewelry stolen, lost, or damaged in transit.
  • When Apples of Gold receives your jewelry it is weighed on a certified scale.
  • Your items are tested for precious content (assayed).
  • Apples of Gold contacts you to confirm the total value of your gold.

Getting Paid

You have the option of store credit or cash for your jewelry. We will communicate with you by email to make an offer and finalize the terms of the trade.

To read the full agreement terms, click HERE.

Jewelry Containing Gemstones

Apples of Gold does not currently have a buyback program for gemstones. If your jewelry contains gemstones that you would like to keep, please remove them or have them removed by a local jeweler before sending to Apples of Gold. Gemstones sent with gold jewelry will be discarded.

Find Out More

To read more about the terms of our Cash For Gold program, click HERE.


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