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In A Shaky Economy The Value of Gold Is Unshakable

When world economic markets start to teeter, we naturally see a rise in the price of gold. This is because investors see gold as a commodity that represents stability. Regardless of what happens to economies at home and across the globe, gold has guaranteed value. As you’ve probably noticed in the news, the price of gold has recently taken a significant upswing. And the numbers are only projected to rise.

While Apples of Gold maintains its commitment to ethical and fair pricing of all its fine jewelry, you may notice that the prices on some of your favorite ‘wish list’ items have increased to reflect the worldwide increase in the price and value of gold. Initially, this may seem like bad news. Who likes to see prices go up? But the positive news is that gold continues to hold value and worth in the global market. The wise investment you make today remains a wise investment tomorrow, and for years to come. When it comes to gold, the money you spend is always money well spent. Gold is not only beautiful to the wearer, it is a valuable commodity on the world market. If there was ever a time to own gold, the time is now.

Our Wreath Wedding Band in 14K Yellow Gold, shown here, is gold at it’s finest. This band measures 6.5mm wide, is crafted of solid 14k gold, and features the distinctive engraved leaf pattern around the entire band. Polished to high shine, this is a ring you’ll be delighted to wear for years to come. With each year of your marriage, it will not only hold its beauty, but its value as well.

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